Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I've been away from this page for almost two weeks, thanks to a server change by my IP. (drat!) Anyway, I'm glad everything is working and I've got a bit to report.

First of all, Craig Byrnes song, "Fight This Time" is mixed and it came out really great. I was almost finished with the mix when I realized that I had not used ANY reverbs, delays, or unnatural ambience at all. I liked it and the mix withstood the next day's review. We master tomorrow. For those of you industrious enough to see this song listed on my soundboard, yes, I know that it is not loading correctly. The patient desigeners at www.mustdesign.com are busy making sure the page works great, so hang in there, and you will be rewarded.

Tonight I get to go hob nob with some big shot music industry heavy weight dudes and dudesses at an event so secret that I am barred from mentioning it here at the moment, BUT I will report. This will be really good, so stay close to the studio log!

more tomorrow!
thelove, Dan


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