Friday, July 15, 2005

Inkin' Deals

I went to rehearse the Houston band, SiennaBlu on Tuesday night. The band impressed me with how tight they were. Their rehearsal work ethic was unreal, they must have played about 15 songs in an hour and a half. I drew up a three song budget today and sent it out. I hope they want to work together, because they have all the right talents to make a superior modern rock record.

Tonight I did some song writing with Ms. Jacque Jones. Jacque and I really hit it off in an unusual fashion. She and I have some fundamental stuff in common which makes our time together a real delight. We are songwriting now, and for the first time since I worked with Carolina Bedetta, I feel my desire to write lyrics coming alive. Tonight we signed the agreement to start on one song, and I have a chorus (or maybe a bridge) done already. Jacque says she is not very photogenic, and I'm here to back up her claim. Up until very recently, I have hated having my picture taken. I was able to snap a few anyway. She is a lovely lady with a delightful charm. Our songwriting is going swimmingly!

Jacque and I are doing a really cool autobiographical song with a spiritual twist. More will be revealed.

I also worked today with another (male) singer song writer, Kenneth Scott Peters. Constant readers of the studio log will remember my work with him back in May on a live show. Now we are starting his CD with two very, very, VERY good songs.

Kenneth and I also have a lot in common, and I am blessed and inspired to be working with a performer and song writer of his calibre!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call me silly, but I've never met a female named Kenneth. Have you? (ha)

Glad the songwriting bug has bitten you. Wonder if you can work the word "swimmingly" into a song?

If you do, I think I'd be concerned. Next you'll be using phrases like "ducky" and "peachy".

Not that there is anything wrong with that. (ahem)


8:44 PM  
Blogger dan said...

I know!.... I seem to always work with female singer/songwriters. Kenneth is all man!

loveya, SD

11:45 PM  
Blogger dan said...

Actually, I just noticed how TOTALLY COOL this picture is. Check out how the tree branches surround Kenneth's head in sort of a halo of tree-branch lightning!!!!!!!

1:20 PM  

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