Saturday, June 03, 2006

Anne Loo & Old Time Hammer

We spent two wonderful days in SugarHill's Studio A doing vocals and ancillary overdubs on Anne Loo's project. Eric Jarvis layered slabs of strings, and some mighty electric guitar. New production intern Joyce, was amazing as well, but we all turned around the axis of the project, Ms. Loo herself. Anne consistantly surprised us with the ease in which she got her vocal parts. Anne's ability to sing comes from a natural skill set that includes a feel for the music as well as the mechanics of pitch and timing. Rare indeed! As you can see, we had fun as well, mentally and verbally kayaking down a swift river of 'schtick' as we worked. I have rarely had so much many laughs while such good work got done. BRAVO!

Another amazing win this week was my tracking sessions with Old Time Hammer. Colin, Elise, Jordan, and Scott took every lesson from our extensive rehearsal very, very seriously. s a result, sounded transendent. I am so proud of the way they worked. We played and sang for two eight hour days, and no one complained until the last hour of the last day. Elise and Colin sang way above their previous best, and the band gave a generous and inspired performance in front of the microphones. I dare say that they gave their best show ever to Steve, myself, and the tape deck (well, computer!). We mix in July which seems a long way away, but will be here before we know it.

Check it out:


Blogger nuje said...

That's rad!!! Can't wait to hear it.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's alive!!! And he's in the creative zone. Coolio!


I need remedial word verification. Yours is too damn hard.

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