Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need To Talk

The Blue Door

Weird. I've started to consider this blog simply a more producerboy-specific version of my Facebook Wall or Twitter post. The world is changing. Again.


I went to Maui to attend a Grammy (NARAS) Board of Trustees meeting. Upon my return I found that lightning had hit our power transformer, taking out a bunch of computers and gear, most notably our Neotek Elite console in Studio A. My partner and the studio's designer, Rodney Meyers, pulled it off last night. We got the console up and running on newly delivered power supplies. I have to fix a few of the I/O modules, and a meter driver IC, but that's doable. I was totally out of my depth in battling the Great Power Supply Demon. All hail Rodney!

As a nice counterbalance to that drama swirl, I finished Girl Friday's songs. We mastered with Allen Corneau last Friday (yes,... very apt), and the songs turned out fantastic. Check out Dorothy here. That is the song that caught my imagination the first time I heard it. I unashamedly played all over it, and have no problem reporting to you, dear anonymous reader, that I loved the results.

Equally cool is the fact that I finished mixing Debbie Forrest's song, I'm Still Here, right before Rodney and I went in to do battle with the console. Max Dyer played cello, and Josh Moore played piano. Their performances magically support an impressive and inspired vocal performance by Debbie. I'll be posting that song (always with the artist's permission, I may add) later in the day.

I first heard the song when Debbie was playing around on the piano while we were tracking vocals for another song, You Picked Me. The second I heard it, I hoped that I would have a chance to record it. The song, and Debbie's performance, were already fantastic, and I immediately had a pretty good idea of the presentation and vibe that we should go for. I wanted to set up the tune with the right parts and players, and get the heck out of the way, and I feel like it went well. The gestation time was a bit longer than I thought it would be (we explored putting rock drums and acoustic guitar on it, and it took me FOREVER to mix it), but it was worth the wait.

Now, off to mix Three Kisses, prepare for a cool Halloween novelty song by Craig Squires, and post songs for a session with Trigger (Mike Trigg). Happy Monday, indeed.


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