Sunday, February 22, 2004


Just when you think you are on top of it... OK, Kevin Ryan took a moment off from being his hyper talented self to prompt me to prompt all of you to check out Sarah Sharp's documentary video on this very site! There is a new page in the menu called 'the viewing room'. Leigh set it up for me so I can post video clips of my work in progress, but for now, Sarah's documentary is there, and it is a wonderful look into her work, and the process of making her CD. Kevin shot and edited the piece, and as usual, it is world class, (no hyperbole).

One caveat: It's a BIG file, like 39meg, so I recomend downloading it instead of streaming it, or simply pausing the playback until the buffer has loaded halfway or so. For my dialup buddies, this is an 'overnighter' for sure, but it is really worth it. Also, the video is available in a much higher res. format on her new CD, 'Fourth Person', available direct at

A quick report: I recorded a rehearsal for a band with no name today. I also sat in on keyboards which is either easy or difficult, in that I don't play keys worth a damn..... I just find a cool sounding sample or patch, and play the root, third, &/or fifth. (today was one of the difficult days on the ivories...) I've toyed around with getting a guitar-midi controller so I can flog the cool sounds with an instrument I can actually play. If any of you have current experience with the Ghost pickup system, I'm all ears. This is a 13pin setup that drives a Roland converter. I have never played with the modeling systems out there (such as the Line 6), but I am told that they rock, but you are limited to the sounds in the unit (right?) Much to learn.

Finally, on my wish list is to get Logic 6 and have Kevin teach it to me. Being an old ProTools hand means that the conversion of my DAW skills will be somewhat brutal. (I remember having to learn to sample and sequence on the Fairlight CMI Series III -- with huge 8 inch floppy disks!!!!!!)

Off to do some more gtr-midi research...



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