Friday, July 22, 2005

Burning Some Time

I'm getting ready to take Christi (my wonderful wife) to a surprise birthday breakfast. I'm having a hard time stalling her out before we leave so I'll post some cool bullet points here:

Kevin Ryan and I are working on a third song for Winter Wallace!!! I am grateful and excited to have this particular team back together.

Joyce Pierce and I are doing one more song as well (arranged by Kevin as well).

I have started working on my song for Jacque Jones and I'm pumped.

I have a budget proposal with Houston modern rockers, Siennablu (no 'e' on purpose, ark!)

I worked with Christine Wu yesterday on our score for the performance piece, 'String Theory'. It was transcendant.

(Christi is looking VERY pissed,.. I wish I could let her in on the secret)

I am starting work on a very unusual Christmas CD with Jennifer Grassman. This is going to be really, really good.

I am starting a project with Kenneth Scott Peters and I get to play guitar on it!

I have recorded the first of two songs with KPRC's 'Gimme the Mic' winner, JJ Worthen. JJ is an exceptional talent, and one of the really nice guys in the business.

I am talking to Maggie Walters about doing some work with her. She's sending me demos and I am falling in love with her voice.

I have a new song, that I need to demo for myself. It's called 'Mr. Miagi' (secret thanks to my good friend, LA). I finished it a while back, and have even performed it three times, but I haven't yet recorded it. Now's the time.j

OK,... time to pull the trigger on operation 'Birthday Party'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So was she surprised? Considering PM is smart as a whip, I bet it would take A LOT of manuevering to surprise her! You're such a thoughtful hubby. And I think a Hummer (the SUV- ahem) would be the perfect gift for her. Then when people plow into her, she won't even feel it. ;)

I've organized probably 10 surprise parties in my life. How many have been thrown pour moi? Nada. I'd probably pee in my pants. Then again, none of my friends know each other.

Glad to know the creative juices are flowing and hope the Man-o-pause is clearing up. Perhaps there are some natural remedies for that. Any hot flashes? (giggle)

Sending you luv.

3:06 PM  

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