Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Tony Endieveri has been working hard lately to create new designs for Dan Workman Music. Our business cards are derived from the website header and look super cool! So 'thanks' Tony! We also took some new pictures for the www.sugarhilltudios.com site, (see the photo album).

I have been in a new place for me, production-wise, lately. I am waiting. And waiting. (you get the idea....). Normally, I am rehearsing bands, doing editing, engineering, vocal preproduction, etc., etc. Right now, I am an administrator: helping Logan (she doesn't really need much help), and writing budgets for future productions. Mostly, I'm on pins and needles waiting on the next installment of Kevin Ryan's work on Sarah Sharp's songs, (which is ALWAYS worth the wait). Soon, I will have a few of the arrangements nailed down enough to do the ancillary recording and vocal pre production that will put me smack dab back in the middle of my normal comfort zone.

Other projects that are cooking to critical mass are Eileen Faxas, (waiting on arrangements by Rainel Pino), and Avalon & the band, Goddess.


My office is fairly neat. My calendar is somewhat clear. My promotional efforts for the new company are underway. Life is in more order than I can ever remember it being,...... so why am I so antsy?

the somewhatimpatientlove,


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