Friday, August 12, 2005

Back from Arkansas!

I've been on vacation with my family and it was GREAT!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to break form and post a few personal pictures, but business first:

I'm going to start a project with Austin singer/songwriter, Maggie Walters. Maggie has a haunting, extremely compelling voice, and can write with equal skill. I'm answering the siren song, and we are to begin immediately. I am pumped.

I'm still writing with Jacque Johns. My pictures of Jacque created quite a stir,.... I said in the post that she was not photogenic (I was repeating HER words), and I received more than a few responses that her pictures were beautiful.

Kevin Ryan is off cooking Winter Roberts-Wallace's song.

Joyce Pierce and I finished vocals on her final song for her CD, '24/7 Intimate Praise'. My happiness with the work is counter balanced with my sadness that we are done singing. I do get to mix with Steve Christensen on 9/1, though, so I have that to look forward to.

{{{Quick shout out to Bocha and Carolito---- I miss you both, and I want to hear what is happening in Argentina}}}

I am going to be starting pre production with Jennifer Grassman and Kenneth Peters within the next week. Both of these projects are near and dear to my heart,.... I'll have pictures and updates soon.

Finally, I cut drums on the Southern Backtones. Todd did an amazing thing on the drums that I have always wanted to try: He cut the hi-hat and all of the cymbals SEPARATELY from the rest of the kit. That, combined with Steve's over the top drum recording set up, gave us the SWEETEST drum sound I have ever heard from Studio A in SugarHill. Amazing work!

Also, everyone reading this should be aware that The Southern Backtones are #1 on KWAR in Waverly, Iowa. Well,... Hell yeah!

OK, here are some vacation pictures:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have SO much in the oven. I'm surprised you actually took some down-time in the cultural mecca of Arkansas. (When you left me the VM saying you were in AR, I laughed - I thought you were kidding!) Whoda thunk that it was a vacation spot! (Did you have possum for dinner?)

I would have liked to have seen a "before vacay" and "after vacay" picture of you.


4:19 PM  

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