Monday, October 20, 2003

Is this thing on? Well, I have been asked to make my STUDIO LOG debut, aww shucks. I don�t even know where to begin so here goes. It has been a crazy couple of months making Dan Workman Music a �physical� force to be reckoned with but I think we�ve finally done it!! YAY!

We�ve cleaned out the cobwebs, mastered the fine art of interior design and learned how to stay on top of clutter management. That said, things are starting to cook here at the cave. I have been hard at work meeting new people and developing a game plan for our little company. Dan is getting as impatient as ever, having to deal with this business stuff. We all know he�d rather be holed up in Le Studio working on his next creation. That will happen soon enough with his schedule booked solid through January working with Sarah Sharp, Goddess and Eileen Faxas.

We have several potential projects we are looking at for the New Year and will keep you posted. We�ve also started working the whole artist development aspect of things and are hoping to get some exposure for Dan�s production clients in the very near future! Stay tuned for more exciting news�.peace, out!

Logan ;-)

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Biggish News!

Houston film composer, (and my good friend), Jeff Walton, has been nominated for an award for his score for the feature film, 'The Face of the Serpent' by the California Independant Film Fesitval . Jeff runs Space City Music here in Houston,, and has been a staple in the music scene since his nascent days as a rock star in the band, The Judys.

This is a really big deal, because Jeff is SUPER talented and often under utilized and under appreciated. It's tough being a film composer in Houston, but he has found a way to do it. I was fortunate enough to have mixed that score, so I've got a bit of juice about the award, as well. Jeff and I have spent countless long hours in the studios, mixing film scores for over 7 years now, so I am super pumped to hear that he is being recognized.

On another note, I went to a rehearsal of the World Beat/Rock band, Dreadneck, in Galveston on Tuesday night. I had a super great time. These guys combine dub/reggea/rock/jazz/and punk rock in a rather unique blend. My suspicion is that their live show is pretty majic. Rehearsal was great and I am investigating whether I will produce them. My plans are to go to their next rehearsal and jam with them to see what happens. I'll keep you informed.

Finally, my alter-ego, 'the other Dan Workman' (the hyper talented bass player here in H town, who I share a name with), is continuing to have the coolest jam night in the city, every Thursday at the 19th Hole on the north side of Houston. Dan has had Tracy Conover, Mark May, and Scott McGill host the jam at various times. His regular guests are all total mofo's as well, (as is Dan, btw), so check this out. What ever you may think an open mic/jam night is all about, you are going to be blown away by the quality of musicianship at these shows.



Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Well, well.

I have spent considerable time in the past few weeks becoming an honorary Cuban while working with Eileen Faxas on her latest set of tunes. Eileen has really written some great songs this time, including one in English, "Butterfly". One of the cool things about working with Eileen is that I really love her personality. She, her husband Jorge, and their dog Callie, and I, all seem to get along well together. Jorge is a master chef (hint, hint), so vocal pre production at their home is always GREAT, (did I say 'hint hint',.....Jorge?). Last night we went over to the home of our super talented arranger, Rainel Pino. Rainel is a Cuban pianist, and (this is no sh*t), 'Professor of Percussion'. Rainel is doing a fantastico job on Eileen's songs! Go Rainel! Now, I know some of you aren't going to be able to relate to this at all, but here goes; WE EVEN HAD EILEEN'S MOM WITH US AT THE SESSION! While it is not my custom to invite family members to the studio, much less arranging sessions, Eileen's mom is super cool, and was visiting from Miami. She was very well behaved and was a positive contribution to the vibe of the session. You might wonder what it is like for my gringo self to be in a situation where, ostensibly, I'm in charge, but I am the only one who doesn't speak the language de jour,..... well, it will keep you humble, and super focused on what is going on musically. In fact, I can report that I was not distracted in the least by all of that talk that I didn't understand. I am honored to be working with Eileen again, Rainel is the greatest, and I am 'browning down' like a champ.

On the Goddess front, yep, it looks like the band has hired me to do two songs. Brittany Driscoll was super cool to invite me into this band's world, and I am grateful for the chance to do rock and roll fronted by cool women.

Tonight I am headed to Galveston Tx. to attend a rehearsal of a band called 'Dreadneck' (I think it's spelled as one word, if not, I'll get it right after tonight.) I'm pumped, because they are sort of a 'world beat' band, and I seem to be in the mood for international projects. (I wonder if they have any Cuban influences,....hmmmm).

Finally, no update would be complete without mentioning Sarah Sharp's project. Kevin Ryan just got back from a week in LA spent amongst the stars, the high and the mighty. He's all focused up to finish out Sarah's arrangements, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on his work.

more will be revealed