Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cat's Paws

My friend Leslie-Anne broke her nose yesterday in a tragic encounter with a heavy door,.... send her some love!

I'm working with classical pianist, Angela Johnson, from Canada, but most recently from the docks in Galveston Texas, where she disembarks from her cruise ship gig, flies up I45 to SHRS, plays for 4 hours, and scurries back to the boat for the next cruise cycle. Sounds exhausting, right? Well, she shows up and she brings it. Today we recorded in Studio A and were pretty productive. I'm just getting to know Angela and her music. The songs are solid, and she has the best attitude---superpro and a nice person to boot. She also has some amazing clothes:

Will Alderidge and I are still figuring out how theatrical poetry readings are supposed to be scored, performed and recorded. The trip is taking longer than I thought, but we're engaged and making progress.

We finished remixing Trystan Layne at The Treehouse with Steve and Chubs and Whitey.

So much more to report,... negotiating deals with The Blue Hit (see myspace), and a songwriter named Jake Dalton. Rich Whiting and I are working on a song for a very talented writer--Susan Goforth. Susan is a cool chick who's songs are an inspiration--Praise and Worship music meets U2 and Rush. Really. Christine Wu and I are negotiating a deal to play on a big rap record. More will be revealed on that!

Working very hard with Sarah Sharp to get her CD done. Must.....start.....editing...... Kevin Ryan is co-producing, arranging and playing, and will be there to help out with the mixes. Awesome!

I'm totally honored to be working with The Southern Backtones on a new song for Hank's movie,.... the song is has a new flavor now that John Griffin is playing bass and the band has become a badass trio.

Steve Christensen and I are going to be recording three new songs by Winter Wallace in a few weeks. I cannot wait. I've stuck my neck out and offered to play bass on one of the songs... hope I don't suck!

Christi and I will be married 13 years on 1/28/08. Time to go buy her a card and something nice.