Saturday, October 31, 2009

Owen and Lilly

(before we get to Owen and Lilly--start rant)

Ok. I've been suffering from 'the laundry problem'. It goes like this: You don't do your laundry. Your dirty clothes pile up. You need to do your laundry,... in fact you want to do your laundry. But you don't. So your laundry problem continues to grow. Soon, you have one honkin' big wad of laundry to do. It's going to take a whole day to do. That growing mound of clothes shames you right through the wall time and time again throughout the week,... then every day. You realize that you are totally dysfunctional when, instead of washing the 15 pound stone henge of underwear and socks at home, you find yourself buying new underwear and socks at Target. Again.

Finally. Finally! you make the time to wash the damn laundry. As you re-acquaint yourself with those shirts and pants that you really like, and can't wait to wear again, you realize for the umpteenth time how much you very much hate doing the wash.

So, what's happened is that instead of doing a painless 30 minutes of clothes washing every few days, you put off doing the laundry--BECAUSE YOU HAVE TAUGHT YOURSELF TO HATE DOING THE LAUNDRY. And that fear of the amazing hassle of that day of drudge work keeps you from simply hitting the machine every three or four days for an effortless few moments.

Replace the phrase, "write in my blog" with "laundry" and you will get my point. Get out the wet noodles and help me start lashing.

(end rant)

Yesterday I had lunch with the amazing songwriting and production team of Owen and Lilly. They hale from the UK, but have lived in LA for the past few years. They are as nice, as cool, as they are talented. I've had the honor of mixing some of their work in the past, and hope that we maintain the connection. Yesterday, we sat in the car and listened to demos of a 15 year old chanteuse they are developing back home in Britain.

On another note, I met with artist and friend, Wayne Gilbert and the members of Two Star Symphony last night to discuss doing a show together. Wayne and I have done performance art pieces over the years, and I have always wanted to work with Two Star. My inner school girl is squealing with excitement.

I've been to Peru, New York and LA within the last 8 weeks. That's the pile of laundry I still need to blog about. Soon.....