Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweet Surprise

I'm mixing the second half of Sarah Sharp's CD, 'Flight or Flight', at The Treehouse with Steve Christensen. Sarah, and Buffalo Speedway show up, along with Alistair Sharp. So along with assistant, Stephen Davis, the gang is all here.

We're working on the songs, enjoying the company, and Sarah checks her email. Bam. The news comes in: Sarah's first half of the record (released in EP form for SXSW, 2008), is reviewed on NPR's All Songs Considered.

How very, very cool. The nice thing is that the review articulates just how I feel about our work. So strange that The Universe would be kind enough to send some validation our way right when the affirmation can do the most good.

Some days are sweet like that. Good for Sarah. Good for all of us at the Treehouse.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Getting Out of the House

I'm working from the Caroline Collective today. Presently, I have set up my pro tools rig and keyboard at the table we are sponsoring at this amazing co-workspace. If you don't know what that is, hit the link above. CC reminds me of the energy of the mid 1980's (yes,... I was there with the dinosaurs), when all of the artists in Houston busted out of their studios and built spaces into the Commerce Street Warehouses.

I'm having my picture taken Jessica Grieves right now. I'm actually getting a TON of work done. Gina Miller just showed up from the studio leaving Stephen Davis in charge back at the shop. I feel like I'm getting away with something naughty by being here.....

I ducked out of the main work room to talk to Christi Chaos on the phone in the 'library'. I love checking out what books are on the shelves wherever I go, and the library of the Caroline Collective did not disappoint. Check out the Boyscout Handbook!