Tuesday, June 29, 2004

So check it out,....

I go to work today, and, well, let's see.... the console is installed in Studio B, hmm.... I'm finished mixing for a while, OH YEAH, if I turn right at the hallway, I have an office down there!!!! Let's go check it out. Well when I get there, this chick is at my desk:

"Hello Miss" , I say. (She looks sort of familiar), "can I help you, uh, or anything?" The girl looks up from her laptop, and so help me, addresses me as 'Daddy'. Now, I DO have a daughter,.... I know that much for sure, but this woman is WAY older, more mature, (and too jaded), to be her! I'm confused! Have I been in the studio that long? Could I have been that tired at home?

I sit down to ponder what's going on and this other lady walks in and makes herself at home at,.. wait a minute, there's a new desk in here:

"Hello Miss", I say. (you get the picture). She says her name is Amanda and that she is our new promotions intern. Damn. That's really great. (I don't want to interfere in her work, and she DOES look like she knows what she's doing, so I sit down and shut up.) She gets along with my allgrownup daughter OK,.... oh well, don't rock the boat, huh?

Finally, Logan comes in:

I KNOW who Logan is. She quickly reassured me that all of these changes were explained to me, including my daughter's emergence into obvious adulthood, and that I had approved all of it. Logan further informed me that "we" had decided to start a whole new division of Dan Workman Music providing artist development/promotion services for independent artists. Wow! This is good news! Now we're getting somewhere. I knew that there has been a need for professional 'front office' services for my unsigned clients. This has resulted in the scene below:

Much phoning and computing, plotting and planning (with occasional help from Ms. Junior Laptop, 2004, Joe Ann) in what looks like a whole new office. Email Logan and check it out. I'm sure I'll be less confused in a few days,... (or not!)


Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sky Blue 72

Man, I'm hanging out on a session produced by Robbie Parrish and being engineered by Steve Christensen. The band is Sky Blue 72, and they are very psychodelic (my words). Very cool vibe with a woman drummer/singer and very accomplished guitarist and bassist (dudes, in case you are wondering). I'm sitting in because we have just installed a new console and mic lines and headphone system into SHRS Studio B and I want to have Steve's back on the maiden voyage.

We mixed Winter Robert's song, "Here's to Everything" (arranged by Kevin Ryan) last week, and it is just as great as the Southern Backtones' mixes. We are super pumped that we have had such a great run of mixing this month. Jeff Lipton at Peerless mastering in Boston did an incredible job on mastering the Sound Breaking Ground mixes. I'm still hoping to get to do some more work with those guys, but they are going to work on selling the first three song demo for the time being. I'm hoping that Jeff will master the Southern Backtones as well. Check out the Peerless Mastering website on the bloggroll at the end of this post.

The projects I'm starting now are:
Another song for Winter.
Three songs for the band Dreadneck (which will be engineered by John Griffin, btw)
Three songs for Carolina Bedetta
Some songs Brittany Driscoll (maybe a Christmas song!)

I still want to work with Steve Wedermeyer,.... we'll see.

AND I am going to do some 'living room' recording with Sarah Sharp in the Fall.
I'm mastering some tracks for a re-release of an old school Houston punk rock band, Vex.

Back to work,....

Thursday, June 24, 2004

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I'm honored!

Producer Dan Workman Elected to NARAS Board of Governors

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 16, 2004 -- Dan Workman, noted Engineer/Mixer/Producer, President Owner of SugarHill Studios and Dan Workman Music, has been named Texas Governor for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Elected along with other fellow Houstonians, entertainment attorney Maureen Doherty; Justice Group founder and chairman, Randall H. Jamail; and Essential Sound president Rodney Meyers, Workman is making his mark on the Texas and national music scene.

Best known for his work with Beyonce, ZZ Top and Destiny�s Child, Workman has worked with a variety of international recording artists in varying production capacities. Also an advocate of promoting independent music, Workman and staff spend a great deal of time handling artist development for select clients who are working to bring their incredible talents into fruition.

As a member of NARAS� Texas Board of Governors Workman will contribute his time, resources and expertise to supporting the Texas music community through professional growth and networking events, advocacy initiatives, and music education programs for students of all ages.

Dan Workman Music is a full service music production and artist development company. SugarHill Studios is the oldest continually operating recording facility in the Southwest United States.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

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