Saturday, April 23, 2005

You Saw It Here First,....

I know that you don't surf this site for music industry gossip, but I'm going to go off-format this afternoon. I'm chillin' at Casa Producer after weeks of Carolina, and I get a text message.

It seems a certain music industry big-wig was caught by a DWMusic principal getting a belly piercing. Five bucks to the first person to correctly identify the pierce-ee!

I'll post the winning answer!!!!!!

AND WE HAVE A WINNER as of 4/30/05 9:40am!!

Here's the winning post:
"Anonymous said...
h-dawg wagnous! you can wire me the money dan!"

I've asked 'Anonymous' to email me. Money well spent!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I am really sad. Steve and I are working on the last song for Carolina Bedetta's Cd and the music, and the fellowship, has been OUTSTANDING. We've learned a lot, and the songs have transcended my stewardship for sure!

Sunday, April 17, 2005


You've read it here before. Steve and I are mixing. We have our groceries. We've downed a diet coke or two. There's been a couple of cups of coffee. There are scads of 'car test' CDR's laying around (all labeled, don't ya know). The lights are low, and we're in the groove. We just closed out a song titled 'Rain Rain' this morning, and are off on 'Coming Round' next. We're feeling the love:

You can see who's doing all the work. Steve gets the instrumental track kickin' and I move in for the vocal presentation. This would be instrumental work, while I take pictures.

Just a reminder,... Carolina is in Buenos Aires ("HI CARO"!!) so we rip & upload the mixes for approval. She's probably listening right now. That is just TOO cool.

We're mixing to 1/4" tape at 30ips with no NR, and IEC eq pre-emphasis curve. (Got that?)

These mixes are complex. There are actually more voices, or tracks, than we can play back from our ProTools rig, so we have a second rig slaved up. We are running out of console, and patchbay cables:

Lots of knobs:

Yesterday, Ralz Matthias, Yamisse and I got together for one of our final songwriting sessions. I'm liking Ralz's work so much that I am going to give him production credit. This is way cool in that I've been wanting to work more with Ralz for quite some time.

The crew:

Back to mixing.


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mixing in Texas,... listening in Argentina

Well, Steve Christensen and I have started mixing Carolina Bedetta's CD. The first three songs are done and Carolina, Steve, and I are all happy. Here's how it works: We get to the point in the mix where we think we've got it nailed, then I email Carolina with a high bit rate MP3 for approval. We follow up with a phone call, address any changes, and move on. Is that cool or what! It is so weird,.. it's much faster to exchange email than it is to get the call to go through. Just to know that she's jamming to our work a couple of minutes after we finish is amazing.

I really miss having Carolina here, though. So we are keeping her vibe close while we work. She emailed me to say that she could just imagine all of the 'car test cd's' laying around, along with our big can of mixed nuts (engineer protein snacks). Carolina, you know us well!

I've got to go do a meeting this morning. Logan and I are trying to get some contacts in Europe to book our bands over there. More Will Be Revealed!

Oh yeah, 'Hi Bocha!"

Friday, April 01, 2005

Awwww.... Devon!

Check it out: Devon is already making stuff happen: (Are we billing HF for this, Devon?)


Thought maybe you could post something to help them out!I saw this on their forum!

Hey Hollister Fracus has recently signed up on and they need your help to get their songs pumped up in the ratings there. All you need to do is go to the website listed below and register as a "Fan". Then you can go to the Hollister Fracus page and listen to and rank The Power, Void, and Drowning Machine!

Once you are registered all you have to do is put Hollister Fracus into the search and it will give you a link to their page. If you have some time you can check out other artists on the Gorilla too - there are several bands from the Austin Indie Alliance which is very cool.

Thanks for your help and support!

Devon Mikeska