Thursday, April 09, 2009

"No Photos--Please"


I drove to Austin yesterday to attend a meeting of the Texas Board of Governors for the Recording Academy. That's a long drive for a mouth full of a meeting. The day was really beautiful, the meeting went well and a few smaller meetings parked around the main meeting were really excellent. I'm preparing for my second Board of Trustees meeting in Hawaii (Maui) in a couple of weeks. The thrill of being in Hawaii is somewhat offset by the weighty nature of being on the national B.o.T.o.t.R.Academy (another keyboard-full). I think I'm as prepared as I'm going to be.

Right before I left town, I met with Heather Wagner (Juice Consulting) and Joe Stallone (Bracewell & Giuliani) about forming a new company to provide production, promotion and legal services to artists--filling the hole left by the major labels in their race to extinction. Heather is at the top of her game having served as Beyonce's product manager for 4 years, and Joe is a sharp, honest attorney with a big heart. Quite a combination. I already have worked with them both. Joe is doing legal for Ross Wells' and my non-profit, The Houston Sound. This could be very cool. More Will Be Revealed on that front.

I was just in Austin for South By Southwest a few weeks ago. This year the weather was the best I can remember for the festival. The highlight for me was the Tape Op party, sitting at the table with Maureen Droney, George Massenburg, Ed Chereney, John Spencer, and Bob Ludwig. I won't even bother to hyperlink these gods and goddess of the industry. You either already know them, or you will be fine taking my word for it. These are the folks occupying the headiest realms in pro audio, and I was squealing like a schoolgirl inside as George, Ed, Maureen, John, and Bob called me by my first name and mentioned SugarHill.

Time to go to work. I will be playing guitar parts on Lisa Serice's project, and working on an arrangement for David Enriquez, and starting to mix 3 songs for 3 Kisses (or their side project, Six Mules for Sister Sarah).

Ok, maybe one photo: The Kaitlyn Knippers Production Team, Tyson Sheth (drums), Kaitlyn, Rich Whiting, Chris Longwood, and moi, producerboy. Not pictured: JJ Worthen.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Live from SugarHill featuring Robert Ellis

Live from SugarHill: Robert Ellis from Dan Workman on Vimeo.

We've started a new radio/television show, broadcast live on the internet from SugarHill's legendary Studio A. The show is built around how actual recording sessions are run, but with a live performance imperative. We had our first show last month. Here's a clip of Robert Ellis performing. Our next live broadcast will be on Feb. 5th. I'll post the link and times later in January.

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